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30 Years of Experience
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Dr. Lori Hare, DDS

Dr. Hare has been around the field of dentistry ever since she was a little girl, as her mother was an orthodontic assistant. For this reason, she grew a major interest in becoming a dentist. Not only does it involve connecting with others, but she’s also able to make a positive impact on people’s quality of life by treating their pearly whites.

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree, Dr. Hare studied at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry to earn her dental doctorate. She also completed a year-long Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency at the University of Oklahoma. She later opened a dental office in Claremore and started from scratch what became Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry.

Dr. Hare has well over two decades of experience, receiving multiple recognitions like the Oklahoma Dental Association’s Young Dentist of the Year Award and a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry. She also co-founded and expanded the Green Country School of Dental Assisting in 2000, and she has extensive training in treatments like sleep apnea therapy, myofunctional therapy, and clear aligners. She’s considered a premier Invisalign provider and is a member of multiple organizations, such as the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

When she isn’t at the office, Dr. Hare spends time with her husband and their two adult sons—one of which is now an orthodontist in Oklahoma City! She also enjoys trying new recipes and working out every day to stay healthy.

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My visit today was for a Sleep Apnea Appliance Consultation. I’ve been putting it off for quite some time. My PCP recommended Dr. Angie. I felt just as at ease with Dr. Angie…

Alan C., Claremore, OK

How Can We Help You?

When it comes to healthy development, our team wants to ensure that we can help set you and your child up for success. Whether you’re having difficulty sleeping or your little one has a lip/tongue tie, our dentist near Claremore is more than happy to provide the necessary treatment. We offer various specialized procedures to improve oral and overall health, and you can learn more about these services by clicking on the images.

2 Affordable Payment Options

Regardless of the reason for your visit, you don’t want to be left with a bill that’s difficult to manage. At Healthy Sleep Tulsa, we take several measures to prevent that from happening to you. In addition to providing estimates and talking transparently about the price, we offer two financial solutions: insurance and flexible financing. We’d be more than happy to discuss each during your consultation. Otherwise, you can click on the icons to learn more!

We Hope to See You Soon!

From chronic snoring to myofunctional therapy, our double board-certified sleep apnea doctor is here to help you! The first step is visiting our sleep center, which is located near Claremore, OK. Main Street Tavern, CVS Photo, and JM Davis Arms & Historical Museum are close by, as well as Planet Fitness. Finding us should be easy, but don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team if you need any assistance along the way. We would be more than happy to help you!

Our Answers to Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you still have further questions for your sleep doctor near Claremore? Are you interested in treatments to help you get well-deserved rest? Is your little one having trouble moving their tongue or lips? Our team understands that you may have more than a few concerns when it comes to sleeping well or improving your child’s oral health and facial muscle development. To help you feel more confident and well-informed, here are several frequently asked questions from our patients in Claremore!

How Long Does It Take to Get Used to an Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea?

At Healthy Sleep Tulsa, our team can offer custom-designed oral appliances to assist in opening your airways during rest. Although these personalized devices can typically be more comfortable than CPAP machines, they’ll still require some getting used to. Fortunately, it should only take about 2-4 weeks for most patients to grow accustomed to wearing their oral appliances overnight. Afterward, you’ll be able to rest much better and feel more natural while wearing your new mouthpiece.

What’s Better for Sleep Apnea – CPAP or an Oral Appliance?

Generally speaking, CPAP is considered the gold standard for treating patients with sleep apnea. While this machine is highly effective at opening the airways during rest, many people feel uncomfortable wearing them or think of them as a hassle to put on. That’s what makes oral appliance a more appealing solution, as it won’t require a face mask and noisy device. Of course, you may consult your sleep doctor about opting for a combination of the two approaches, as you can potentially wear an oral appliance along with a nasal mask for an improved airway!

What Is Myofunctional Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

While there are devices such as CPAP machines and oral appliances that can help treat sleep apnea, they aren’t the only options for improving your rest. With myofunctional therapy, you’ll spend time performing particular facial exercises every day to enhance the strength of your tongue and throat muscles. By doing so, you can effectively minimize the intensity of obstructive sleep apnea as well as drowsiness throughout the day. The results can be even more efficient if combined with CPAP and/or oral appliances. Be sure to speak with your sleep dentist so they can help determine the best treatment options for your situation.

What Happens If You Don’t Fix a Lip & Tongue-Tie?

Leaving a lip and tongue tie untreated can cascade into a multitude of complications in the oral and overall health of a child and into adulthood. While there are varying problems that can occur in each stage of life, some of the most common consequences involve:

  • Difficulties with sleeping, especially for babies and mothers
  • Trouble chewing and eating solid foods
  • Speech development and enunciation issues
  • Dental problems such as cavities, gingivitis, and the need for extractions
  • Higher stress levels and lower self-esteem