Frequently Asked Questions – Tulsa, OK

Ask Your Tulsa Sleep & Airway Expert

Our doctors love answering our patients’ questions. In addition to the hands-on treatment she provides, education is also one of the most powerful tools she offers in empowering people to achieve better sleep and healthier breathing. Below, our team has responded to some of the most common questions our specialty dental office receives, and you can always call us directly and ask whatever is on your mind!

How is a dentist able to treat sleep apnea?

Our doctors have gone through extensive training in order to be able to treat sleep apnea and other airway problems, and they also have over 30 years of experience helping patients lead healthier, happier lives. This makes our doctors uniquely qualified to help patients dealing with these problems as most of the physical symptoms actually occur in the mouth!

Does snoring automatically mean that someone has sleep apnea?

No, but people who snore are much more likely to have the condition compared to someone who doesn’t, and snorers are also at an increased risk of developing sleep apnea in the future. If a person snores and experiences daytime fatigue, morning headaches, and focus/memory issues, then they should definitely come see Dr. Hare for a sleep screening.

What should I do if I think I have sleep apnea?

The easiest thing you can do is take our STOP-BANG Assessment, which is a short questionnaire that evaluates your risk for sleep apnea. You can also just schedule an appointment with Dr. Hare for an exam and screening.

What causes a lip/tongue-tie?

Right now, it is uncertain what exactly causes a lip/tongue-tie to develop, but science points towards it being somewhat influenced by genetics because it has been observed to run in families.

Will insurance cover the cost of my sleep appliance?

Yes, a person can use their medical insurance and even Medicare to pay for their sleep apnea treatment, and this includes oral appliance therapy. This can be confusing because the treatment is being provided by a dentist, but it isn’t covered by dental insurance. When you come to see us, we can help you work out all of these details so that saving on your treatment is nice and easy.

Is it possible to finance my sleep apnea/airway treatment?

Yes! We offer third-party financing that includes many low-to-no interest plans to suit any budget. Please let us know if you would like to finance your care, and we’ll go over your options and help you find a plan that is perfect for you.