Combined Therapy – Tulsa, OK

The Best of Both Worlds

CPAP and oral appliance used for combined therapy

Combined therapy involves a sleep apnea patient using a CPAP machine while also wearing a custom oral appliance. Combined therapy from our Tulsa, OK specialty dentist and dental team enables a patient who is suffering from severe sleep apnea to benefit from oral appliance therapy, and it also allows them to turn their CPAP to a lower setting. This can lead to increased comfort and better compliance for consistently better sleep. For this to work, a patient wears a nose mask as opposed to a facemask with their CPAP, which many people say is much more comfortable. Our team of doctors can easily design an appliance that can work with a patient’s CPAP, so they can benefit from the two most effective treatments available today.

Who Could Benefit from Combined Therapy?

  • Patients diagnosed with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
  • Patients who do not like or have stopped wearing their CPAP
  • Patients who still struggle to sleep despite using a CPAP or oral appliance alone
  • Patients who have sleep apnea too severe to be treated by just an oral appliance
  • Patients who experience both sleep apnea and teeth grinding (bruxism)