Types of Oral Appliances – Tulsa, OK

The Perfect Fit for Restful Sleep

Man sleeping soundly thanks to sleep apnea therapy with custom oral appliances

There are many types of oral sleep appliances available on the market today, and as you can imagine, not all of them are created equal. At Healthy Sleep Tulsa, our doctors not only personally design each appliance for the individual patient, but they also use appliances made from the most durable and highest quality materials. This way, a patient can trust that their sleep will be great night after night and year after year. To get a better idea of what your oral appliance might be like, you can look at the list of options that our doctors commonly use below, or contact us to schedule a consultation where you'll discuss the available types of oral appliances at our Tulsa, OK specialty dental office.

Prosomnus EVO

Prosomnus EVO oral appliance

The Prosomnus EVO is one of the most popular sleep oral appliances available today. It’s made of an advanced acrylic that allows for improved comfort and more flexibility compared to older, more rigid appliances. It’s easy to put on and take off, and a patient is able to speak while it’s in. It works by slightly moving the lower jaw forward in order to prevent the airway from becoming obstructed throughout the night.

PH Herbst

PH Herbst oral appliance

The PH Herbst is extremely light, thin, simple to use, and is currently a Medicare aproved appliance. It allows for our doctors to have a lot of control over how the appliance adjusts a patient’s jaw in order to ensure their comfort while delivering an effective treatment. Because of its relatively small size, it is also quite comfortable and doesn’t press on the cheeks or limit room for the tongue.

Serena Sleep


Serena Sleep appliances are custom designed and made of a durable, medical-grade nylon that makes the device light and flexible. It was designed to help sleep apnea patients while minimizing the pressure applied to the cheeks and tongue, making it easier to wear, meaning a person will be more likely to use it night after night. The device is 3D printed using a scan of a patient’s mouth to ensure the best possible result and fit.