Myofunctional Therapy – Tulsa, OK

The First Step to a Healthier Future

Smiling child holding myofunctional therapy oral appliance

Myofunctional therapy is designed to help a patient relearn how to use their tongue, mouth, and throat muscles after they have undergone airway treatment. This is because a compromised airway might lead to harmful habits such as primarily mouth breathing and/or tongue thrusting. In practice, myofunctional therapy with our Tulsa, OK dentist involves a patient doing a few simple exercises each day so they can form new, healthy habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Who Could Benefit from Myofunctional Therapy?

  • A patient who mostly breathes through their mouth
  • A patient who tongue thrusts (the tongue goes forward when they swallow, pressing on the teeth)
  • A patient who is learning how to speak after being treated for lip/tongue-tie
  • A patient with sleep-breathing problems
  • A patient who has difficulty chewing or swallowing heartier foods
  • A patient who frequently snores
  • A patient who engaged in prolonged thumb or finger sucking past the age of 3